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Thursday, September 18, 2008

long lost frens

aftr sometimes x talking to my frens payan... we did hv a cnvrsation bout tat DSAI fella..very intense n hot...nvr hd such talk...heavy. lots of arguement bla3...n tat makes me feel tat i'm old enuf to hv my own opinion n views...haha..dh beso rupenye...seriously.....i cant believes tis payan. but we're different aite?

p/s : fren dayana send me her wedding invitation too..i thought i lost her....


blexi laiho said...

when u gonna send our wedding invitation? :p

Shue Laiho said...

when d times come bb...cant wait for tat moment 2 appear..

blexi laiho said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blexi laiho said...

i miss u so much.. :(

lola-loath said...

shue-mont..hang tlah di-tag di page aku..sile tgk!